•PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Four major credit cards and Paypal. Orders are shipped to confirmed address only. Shipping to alternate address may be allowed and may require addt'l cost of Signature Confirmation.. To request use the Ask Seller a Question link b4 Checkout. • CARRIER: United States Postal Service - USPS. • DELIVERY CONFIRMATION is included on every order. • PROCESSING TIME: Most orders ship within 24 hours of payment, but allow 1-2 postal days for processing over the weekend, especially in holiday weeks. • DELIVERY TIME - starts from date shipped and shipping is from California - these are POSTAL BUSINESS DAYS. • First Class: 2-7 days; Priority = 1 to 3 days; Standard Post = 2 to 9 days. Orders to upper East Coast add 1-2 days. • METHODS: • Standard Post or UPS may be substituted if calculated Priority shipping doesn’t cover cost – likely only be for purchases that need large, oversize cartons. First Class/Standard Post + insurance may be used instead of Priority for one of a kind/value over $50 items. • PACKAGING - Petroleum-based, non-recyclable bubblewrap and styro are environmentally unsound and used as little as possible. Recycled and recyclable materials are used proudly. I have SUPERB delivery results! • SHIPPING NOTIFICATION: SHIPPING NOTICES can vary according to which venue the label is printed through; watch your Inbox and Junk folder. • PERFUME / INSURED SHIPMENTS: Some fragrances will be mailed by Ground transport in accordance with USPS regulations. Shipping charge may include insurance, depending on the rarity and value of the fragrance item. Your Shipping Notice will provide detail. •• INSURANCE PORTION of SHIPPING, approximate. • SIGNATURE CONFIRMED SHIPPING REQUIRED ON ORDERS OVER $250 (by Payment processors; addt’l $3-$5).
USPS calculated shipping is based on the combined weight of item(s) from Calif to your zip code. If there is a FlatRate method that is substantially cheaper than your calculated shipping of multiple items I will issue a partial refund. Items with Free shipping are sent the most economical method. If you want something by a certain date use the Ask Seller A Question memo BEFORE making purchase to get shipping time estimate. Do not assume I will upgrade shipping method for already placed order. Discounts, Offers = Silktraveler is a Store with Fixed prices, NOT an AUCTION site for bidding. Prices are based on Cost, Market prices, Condition, Storage costs and Inventory insurance. You might browse entire store and find both new and pre-owned of some items at varied prices. 90% of items are single purchase and can take prolonged Search to locate. Additional info in the next FAQ tab. = Buyers using Freight Forwarding Companies: Be aware that my shipping is to your US ship-to address and any issues relating to forwarding, packaging or repackaging, damage and loss beyond the US address are strictly between you and the forwarder. It is up to you to find out ahead of time if they will indeed forward something to your end destination. I reserve the right to decline shipment to non cardholder address and orders placed with non-USA billing address. Perfume, aerosol and flammable items are prohibited shipping via USPS and that is one reason I don't ship internationally. There is no way to isolate the items in my store that can’t be shipped internationally from the items that can. = Contact me via the ASK SELLER A QUESTION tab to inquire after reading entire topic. I ship via USPS Priority International ONLY to SOME, but not all countries. The Priority methods I do NOT use are: SMALL flat-rate box and flat-rate ENVELOPE, because they are not insurable or trackable. International parcels are a 1 lb/1kg minimum ship weight. Int'l shipping will include a small handling charge for addt'l work required. I do not ship to all countries. Tell me what country, what item(s) you are interested in, and I will confirm if it can be shipped. A request to undervalue or mark as gift will be ignored as US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. I do not ship perfume or candles out of USA - don't ask.
The BUY NOW tab means the item is AVAILABLE and the ON HOLD tab means it is not. When an item has been SOLD I will insert a picture that says SOLD SILKTRAVELER as main picture. Click " Buy Now " on your item(s) to send to the Shopping Cart. The Qty available is displayed within the listing at top right quarter, so you can know availability before making purchase. Use Search box to see if addt'l product is available as separate listing. Sometimes I have multiple item listings, as well as individual. -The majority of items carried at SILKTRAVELER are out-of-production and retired, which means they are no longer available from retailers. Prices will usually be higher than original retail MSRP. Products are purchased at a variety of places from original retailer to distributor to private sale. Many are a single purchase. Due to the varied sourcing I would never offer guarantee of authenticity but having said that, of course I don't sell fakes! I've been doing this reputably for 25+ years and my suggestion is if my feedback and word don't assure you of my service you are encouraged to not make a purchase. -Prices, Discounts, Best Offers: this is NOT an Auction site and prices are set based on costs, overhead, market availability, and market rates. Requests to lower price will usually go unanswered. Tip: 99% of the questions about price are on an item that is available nowhere else on WWW, and/or from other sellers looking to get lower price and resell elsewhere. Only buy what you absolutely want and value! Your patronage is appreciated.
Cancellation, Return Policy. Important 1st time buyer info. CANCEL ORDER - orders cannot be cancelled once you've initiated/authorized charge. Special requests need to be made BEFORE order is placed. Returns NOT ACCEPTED unless there has been gross misrepresentation or the wrong item was shipped - in which case you would contact seller within 48 hrs of delivery to report. Listing includes picture and detailed description with measurements to assist you in making an informed purchase. It is important to READ THE DESCRIPTION before making a purchase of a non-returnable item. No unauthorized return will be processed by seller. If making claim of product defect or gross misrepresentation, CONTACT SELLER before proceeding, as items MUST BE RETURNED for inspection before any replacement or refund is determined. Return must include tracking. Shipping is only refunded for confirmed wrong item sent or gross misrepresentation - hint: it's never been requested. No warranty can be made for naturally occurring variance in color or scent of vintage, out of production bath/body products. ISSUES - If you are in any way dissatisfied with your order I would appreciate a contact, especially before/instead of leaving unfavorable feedback comments. This is a courtesy one affords a conscientious and detailed Seller. If I have made a mistake let me know! If your expectations weren't met, let me know! If this is your first purchase of a discontinued, retired, or pre-owned used product you may have questions; use Ask Seller a Question - that's what its for! If you are purchasing a new beauty product that you have not used before remember that I am a Reseller, not the manufacturer, and unable to take returns if you do not like the product. If you are unprepared to keep a beauty product should you not like it, you should make a first purchase from the manufacturer who takes returns.
•CABoard Clothing Condition Guide - •NWT: New with tags, never washed or worn; no flaws. •NWOT: New without tags, never washed or worn; no flaws. •LIKE NEW: Appears new, no signs of wear, possibly washed and or worn; no flaws. •EXCELLENT: Previously worn, with only very slight wash wear; no flaws. •VERY GOOD: Previously worn with moderate wash wear/fade, but no visible flaws. •GOOD/PLAY: Previously worn with minor visible flaw, &/or significant wash wear/fade •FAIR: Previously worn with significant visible flaw, &/or heavy wash wear/fade. •POOR: Not wearable, severe flaws/damage, but with desirable usable elements (such as reuse of fabric in sewing project, etc). •• Flaws might include spots, stains, holes, tears, fabric irregularities, problems with buttons, zippers, snap, etc • ••BOOK CONDITION GUIDE : •NEW - Item is brand new, unused and unmarked, in flawless condition. •FINE/LIKE NEW (F) - No defects, little usage. May show remainder marks. Older books may show minor flaws. •VERY GOOD (VG) - Shows some signs of wear and is no longer fresh. Attractive. •GOOD (G) - Average used book with all pages present. Possible loose bindings, highlighting, crooked spine or torn dust jackets.
Silktraveler is a business and therefore a smoke and pet-free environment. DISCLOSURE FOR PERSONS WITH ALLERGIES: Seller cannot give 100% smoke/pet-free guarantee on the few pre-owned items not stated as coming from my personal collection. I am not affiliated with any of the brands carried here in any way, but I love their high quality products. The use of the brand name is for the description of the item only. All trademarks and logos mentioned are used for identification purposes only and are registered trademarks of the name companies who reserve the rights of ownership. The use of any product name mentioned in this auction is not intended to suggest that the company, trademark, or logo is affiliated with or endorses this auction in any way. DISCONTINUED LINES - Crabtree & Evelyn = Apricot Kernal Oil -- Azzemour -- Baby -- (Nursery Tails & Tom Kitten) -- Camomile -- Cayman Winds -- Damask Rose -- Evelyn [limited] -- Found -- Gardenia -- Kalahari -- Lost -- Nadira -- Passion Flower -- Patchouli -- Sarawak -- Savannah Gardens -- Spring Rain -- Vanilla -- Veranda --- Wakaya -- HOLIDAY LINES --- Cacao Noir, Noel original, Vanilla Blanc, Windsor Forest, Winter Birch. DISCONTINUED LINES L'OCCITANE = Lotion & Fragrance only -- limited stock -- Ambre Amber -- Lotus Flower -- Magnolia original, Magnolia Eau du Val -- Mimosa Eau d'azur -- Neroli original -- Orange Blossom original -- Orange Leaves -- Vanilliers original, Vanilla - Vanille. RETIRED LINES VERA BRADLEY -- Animal Kingdom [lmtd], Chanticleer [lmtd], Botanica, Capri Blue & Melon, Classic Black 7/06-1/08, Frankly Scarlet, Hope Toile, Java Blue, Kensington, Medallion, Mediterranean Blue & White, Mesa Red, Peacock, Petal Pink, Riviera Blue, Totally Turq, Zebras [lmtd], and some Microfiber
Retired and Discontinued bath and beauty products are always more than a year old, often up to 10 years retired!! So please don't purchase if you believe "after a year products lose their scent". The market for long retired and discontinued health and beauty products is huge and there would be no market if anyone thought long since manufactured products weren't still usable. Sometimes a long discontinued bath gel gets lighter in color and a long discontinued lotion can have a bit of separation that a gentle shaking will fix. Neither of these issues affects the efficacy of the product but some buyers might be better sticking with newly produced products, if they think older becomes less viable. I've never found a fragrance to become less potent however, and the billion dollar market in that attests to its' lasting quality. FAQ's: What are Testers? Testers are company bottles of the exact fragrance sold at a discounted price. Companies/Designers want to promote their products, and manufacture bottles to increase the sale of the fragrance. Tester packaging may vary depending on the company's preference. Testers may come in plain white or brown box, with or without a cap. Some bottles may say ?Tester or Demonstration Not for Sale? written on the bottle. This will not affect the item in anyway, as it is the same as the retail item, the only difference being in the packaging and price. What type of levels do fragrances come in? -Parfum/Perfume: The most concentrated form of fragrance oil (and the most expensive), pure perfume is the strongest and longest lasting of fragrance forms. It contains 40 to 60 percent of perfume compound. - Eau de Parfum/Perfume: An alcoholic perfume solution containing 15 to 30 percent of perfume compound. Lasts anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on the individual. It is fairly common - Eau de toilette: A light form of fragrance with a 5 to 15 percent concentration of perfume compound in an alcohol water base. May last anywhere from 3- 4 hours depending on the individual. Eau De toilette is less concentrated then Eau de Perfume. It is created with a lighter concentration of fragrance oil, and is ideal for a more subtle impression. Most common strength of fragrances. - Cologne (eau de cologne): A light form of fragrance with a 5-15 percent perfume compound. May last from 2-4 hours depending on the individual. Most common among men's fragrances. - After Shave: A light form of fragrance with 3-10 percent fragrance compound. Usually made to sooth the skin after a shave. Often contains aloe or other balms. - Moisturizing perfume mist: A moisturizing perfume mist is a fragrance that does not contain alcohol. It is a spray that usually contains oil, and leaves skin with a silky smooth veil of perfumed moisturizers. It is ideal to wear in the warm weather because it is less drying to the skin. - Natural spray: A non-aerosol spray. I do not issue Refunds for buyers remorse, "it doesn't smell as strong as the original", etc. I've only been asked twice in 21 yrs to do so. If you are insistent that is not acceptable contact me for consideration. Any refund for reason other than wrong item sent or not at all as described will warrant a 20% return fee.